Brett Barry

Architect Minneapolis, MN

As an architect I am interested in contributing to a firm alongside people who love to design.

I am a graduate of NDSU with a Master of Architecture degree and my interest in design continues to grow. The integration of people and environment is what makes architectural design so dynamic and alive. Being subject to the built environment everyday causes me to want something design something better.

My design experience ranges from the scope of residential projects to urban design. It's necessary to understand people in relationship to their own space, but on the same note one needs to understand them in relationship to a larger and public context.

My design tools have developed in a very artistic way. There's nothing like bringing life to each drawing no matter the medium. I've worked with mediums such as watercolors, ink, pencil, paint, but also computer aided drawing program such as AutoDesk, Illustrator, and SketchUp.

I absolutely love making models and after making enough of them I have specific methods and materials that I find work excellent. One summer I worked with a local firm here in Fargo primarily making models including a four by eight foot model of a unique residential development.

Beside developing design skills I've gained hands-on building skills working with Habitat for Humanity and participating in field studies. One study was based on organic building materials where a group of friends and I worked with natural materials such as straw-bales, cob, and rammed earth.

I feel fortunate to have the experience behind me and look forward to what is next.


Conceptual Design Model-making Rendering Drafting Graphic Design


Photoshop InDesign Illustrator Flash AutoCAD 3DSMax Revit SketchUp Microsoft Office